Monster High Draculaura custom OOAK doll as the Lady Amalthea from Peter S. Beagle’s ‘The Last Unicorn.’  She has removeable clothing and a choice of either her lavender dress or Schmendrick’s robe. ~Sold~

Oh my gosh, disregard my other question. I was always looking for clear resin cabochons... but they are so easy to find in glass! This may seem silly to say but thank you! I can't believe I got so fixated on resin I never saw glass, I spent hours scouring the internet for small resin cabochons and wow.. Thank you again, I can finally try the next step for customizing I wanted to try.

LOL!!!  No worries :D  I’m glad that solved your dilemma at least!

Here is a new doll that I was commissioned to create. She was originally a Monster High CAM Gorgon doll. Full repaint, root, costume, wings built, eyes made from scratch, and ears and horns sculpted and attached. I think she turned out pretty awesome :)

New OOAK Monster High customization.  For sale (May 1, 2013) here:

I think I forgot to upload these!  This is a doll I did as a thank you gift for my aunt.  She was originally a Monster High Nefera doll.  Complete repaint, acrylic eyes added, reroot, and hand made costume.

Commissioned doll March 2013. Originally a Monster High Draculaura. Face and body completely re-detailed, hair rerooted, acrylic eyes added, and costume created.

Hi honey, I don't have permission to go to your Etsy shop, per the response/white page of death. :-( What should I do? Err, might it have something to do in that I do not have a Tumblr acct? xo Di

Um…I have absolutely no idea!  Try to copy and paste this:

I’ve currently got two one of a kind cloth dolls that I made for sale in my etsy shop.  These have tons of nice details, and hand painted faces.  I am also still working on some custom Monster High dolls that will hopefully be finished soon!

In the meantime check out my cloth dolls if you’d like! :)

Click here to go to my etsy shop!

Hiya :)  I have had this doll finished for a while but hadn’t taken any photos because she was nekkid!!  I stole the dress off of a Sweet 1600 Frankie because I thought it was cute on her and decided to take some decent photos yesterday.  I have named her Lys.  It’s French for lily :)

WIP shot of a doll I’m currently working on :) 

WIP shot of a doll I’m currently working on :)